Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Tow Ball Mounted Bike Rack

To this day, the E-Rack 2 is our preferred rack of choice for all riding – both battery and man powered.


$959.00 NZD


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Tow ball mounted platform rack that carries 2 x E-bikes

- 60 KG max capacity

- 4 function light board

- Generous 250 mm spacing between bikes


2x E-bike

  • Max wheelbase 1.4 m
  • Each bike up to 30 kg

60 kg maximum capacity

  • Allows for two 30 kg e-bikes

250 mm spacing

  • Generous spacing between bikes to prevent bikes touching


  • Whole rack, including bikes, tilts forward to allow for boot access


  • Neatly fold into itself to allow for easy storage and carry


  • Rack locks onto towball and clamp locks to bike frame


  • 4 function lightboard keeps you safe on the road

50 mm towball

  • Fits standard 50 mm and Euro gooseneck style only

Allowable tire width:

  • Up to 2.8 inches

Assembled rack dimensions:

  • 1160 mm W x 700 mm D x 770 mm H

Rack weight:

  • 21 kg

In the box:

  • rack, lights, license plate holder, manual, cable ties, keys

Using Your E-Rack 2    Assembling Your E-Rack 2      E-Rack 2 Manual



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