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Merida eONE Sixty 500

No trail is out of reach, thanks to confident handling, super-capable suspension and the winning combination of Shimano EP8 drive unit and high-capacity battery in a sleek all-aluminium frame.

$8,199.00$6,499.00 NZD

Merida eONE Sixty 700

Ride further and push harder with an eMTB that can take on the toughest tracks thanks to a high-value all aluminium frame that delivers sublime handling and all the power of Shimano’s EP8 drive unit.

$9,599.00$7,499.00 NZD

Merida eSpresso CC 400 EQ

Everyday practicality with the ability to head off the beaten track. A strong Shimano drive unit with 630 Wh internal battery in our low step-through frame, plus city-ready kit and rugged rubber.

$5,499.00$4,700.00 NZD

Bergamont E-Cargoville LT Expert

Indestructible, robust all-rounder, with 190 kg maximum system weight. Versatile and individually configurable.

$8,299.00$7,469.00 NZD

Cannondale Topstone 4 (2022)

A capable, versatile gravel road bike. Built for chasing horizons, exploring routes less travelled or accelerating your commute.

$1,999.00$1,799.00 NZD

Cannondale Trail SE 3

A mountain bike built to raise your game and ignite a passion for the trail. Designed for the mountains and ready for anything.

$2,699.00$2,399.00 NZD

Merida eBIG.SEVEN 300 SE

More options mean more fun. Ride further than ever before, thanks to the powerful assistance of a Shimano drive unit. Make your commute fun or explore new trails on the weekend - this can do it all.

$4,299.00$3,999.00 NZD

Merida eOne Forty EQ (2022)

The eOne Forty EQ thrives in rugged terrain, whether it's potholed city streets or weekend rides in the dirt.

$8,499.00$6,999.00 NZD

Merida eSPRESSO L 400 S EQ (2022)

All our eSPRESSO models come equipped with mudguards, lights, lock, rear rack and a kickstand, making them ready for anything from the moment you leave the store.

$4,999.00$3,999.00 NZD

Introducing the Ascent 29" Pulse electric bike

Velectrix Ascent 29" Pulse

Your path to peak thrills.

$2,999.00$2,549.00 NZD

Velectrix Compact

Your ticket to convienient urban adventures!

$1,999.00$1,599.00 NZD

Velectrix Cruiser Pulse St ebike

Velectrix Cruiser Pulse St

Unleash the urban explorer in you with our Cruiser!

$2,999.00$2,499.00 NZD

Velectrix Hurricane

Introducing the Hurricane 24" - Where ebike adventure meets elegance.

$1,999.00$1,599.00 NZD

Velectrix Urban Pulse St

Meet the Urban Pulse ST: an urban e-bike built for style and adventure.

$3,299.00$2,999.00 NZD

Velectrix Urban Pulse St

Urban Pulse LG: Where style meets the cityscape.

$3,299.00$2,599.00 NZD

Velectrix Urban ST

Shopping cart, daily commuter or weekend urban fun machine the Velectrix Urban ST is a great value bike with components that are designed to last.

From$2,500.00$2,000.00 NZD

Wattwheels Bighorn S

Rail trails or around town… The Big Horn is an excellent all-rounder bike designed for long journeys in mind.

$4,199.00$3,500.00 NZD