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Merida eONE Sixty 500

Conquer trails effortlessly with confident handling, top-tier suspension, and the powerful Shimano EP8 drive unit.

$8,199.00$6,499.00 NZD

Merida eONE Sixty 700

Ride further and push harder with an eMTB that can take on the toughest tracks thanks to a high-value all aluminium frame that delivers sublime handling and all the power of Shimano’s EP8 drive unit.

$9,599.00$7,499.00 NZD

Merida eSpresso CC 400 EQ

Everyday practicality with the ability to head off the beaten track. A strong Shimano drive unit with 630 Wh internal battery in our low step-through frame, plus city-ready kit and rugged rubber.

$5,499.00$4,700.00 NZD

Merida eBig Tour 400 EQ

Joining together urban practicality with the willingness to explore is no easy feat, but the eBIG.TOUR 400 EQ does just that, with the latest Shimano EP8 drive unit giving you smooth yet powerful assistance whenever you need it.

$5,999.00 NZD

Merida eBIG.SEVEN 300 SE

More options mean more fun. Ride further than ever before, thanks to the powerful assistance of a Shimano drive unit. Make your commute fun or explore new trails on the weekend - this can do it all.

$4,299.00$3,999.00 NZD

Merida eOne Forty 2022

Our eONE-FORTY 400 proves you don't need to spend a fortune to get a rugged trail eMTB that can power your adventures, with the refined Shimano EP8 drive unit and a tough aluminium frame and sleekly integrated 630 Wh battery.

$7,699.00 NZD