When we started in 1985 no one dreamed you could operate a world-class bike brand out of New Zealand, and definitely not one that could deliver uncompromised performance, style and value.

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Avanti Competitor - E 1

Embrace trail mastery with the Competitor-E1! Unleashing precision and power, this high-performance E-hardtail.

$5,599.00 NZD

Avanti Discovery-E Low 2

Avanti Discovery-E-Low-Blue-2

Discover true comfort with the Discovery-E Low 2.

$2,899.00 NZD

Avanti Hammer - E LT2

Unleash the untamed terrain with the Hammer-E LT2! Engineered for rugged landscapes

$6,999.00 NZD

Hammer-E LT1 electric mountain bike

Avanti Hammer-E LT1

Blaze trails with the Hammer-E LT1! It's more than a ride—it's an adventure sculpted for the daring explorer, conquering landscapes with ease and

$5,499.00 NZD

Avanti Metro E City 1

Experience comfort and power in the Metro-E City 1

$3,499.00 NZD

Avanti Metro E City 2

Experience comfort and power in the Metro-E City 2

$4,799.00 NZD

Avanti-Metro-E-City-Suv ebike

Avanti Metro E City SUV

Unleash your potential, with power, range, and the confidence to conquer every terrain you encounter.

$6,399.00 NZD

Montari-e-Jnr kids ebike

Avanti Montari-e-Jnr

The Montari Jnr, a scaled-down Montari adult MTB, is the ultimate off-road ride for young adventurers.

$3,499.00 NZD