What is Workride?

Workride aims to enhance the well-being of Kiwis and reduce the cost of living across New Zealand.

Workride is a complimentary benefit program that allows employees to save 32-63% on the cost of a new bike through tax exemptions. Staff can choose any bike for their commute from Rev Bikes.

Here's how it works:


  1. sign Up: Employers sign up with Workride and offer this benefit to their staff. It's a great way for employers to engage with and support their team.

  2. choose Your New Ride: Once an employer is on board, employees can pick out an e-bike, for their commute from Rev Bikes.

  3. Ride & Save: Over a 12-month period, you can use the new ride while the salary sacrifice effectively reimburses your employer in full.


  1. Onboard Your Company: Once you've registered online at workride.co.nz, Workride will set up your online account giving you access to Workride's online dashboard.
  2. Promote It Amongst Staff: Don't let your staff miss out on Workride's amazing benefits! Spread the word effortlessly with their free promotional materials.
  3. Choose Any New Ride: Employees sign up online then visit us to select their Rev Bikes.
  4. Approve and Pay: Once an employee finalizes their agreements, you'll get an email. Simply click to approve! After you settle the Workride invoice, we'll send the pick-up details straight to the employee. 
  5. Ride & Save: Once their ride is ready, employees get a heads-up. They just need to show their ID at pick-up. After they collect, you'll be alerted to start the pre-tax salary deductions for repayment. 

Visit the Workride website below for more information, about how you can save on your ebike purchase at Rev Bikes: https://www.workride.co.nz/