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  • 29 October 2023
  • Matt Keeley

Rev Bike was born from a fortuitous business trip back in Sept 2017 when owner Ross Keeley and a colleague were given the opportunity to go for a ride on an E-bike for the first time. Inspired by the experience, Ross immediately arranged for one to be shipped back to New Zealand. 'This was just the start of the journey! While awaiting a flight back home, my colleague and I thought it would be a great idea to purchase a container load of them. When we first set out, we knew that the market needed something different. We also knew that performance and quality need to go hand in hand.'

Locally owned and operated, Rev Bikes stock a range of stylish bikes that are not your 'usual run-of-the-mill machines.' After the shipment arrived, Rev Bikes originally operated from their site at 28 Appleby Highway, working out of temporary accommodation. The Rev Bikes team built the business up to include the retail store on the corner of Hardy Street and Collingwood Street, as well as opening a permanent workshop and showroom in February of this year, based in their original Richmond location. 'We were in the right place at the right time for this type of product, it was serendipitous. We kept things relatively low key, operating out of our Richmond site, as we were still learning the industry at the time.'

By 2019 Rev Bikes became the Nelson-based licensee with Electrify and set up a retail store in Bridge Street. 'This was a great learning curve and a bit of a game-changer as we were able to sell directly to the customer via a retail outlet.' After a couple of years, Ross says Rev Bikes parted amicably with Electrify, and the team moved into the iconic 1850's building on the corner of Hardy and Collingwood Streets in June 2021, giving the business a new lease of life, not to mention much greater 'street exposure.' 'This gave us the freedom to operate as we wanted. We learnt a lot through the partnership, but now we could really grow the business as intended. The building gave us great presence and the freedom to operate and commit to our evolving facility in Richmond. The services we provide at the Richmond site has been in the pipeline for several years and it is great to finally get to where we are now.' 'By design, our business model has garnered the attention of renowned international brands. This has reflected and rewarded what we have built. We have been approached and accepted a range of very powerful brands to add to Rev Bike owner Ross Keeley at the Hardy Street store in Nelson.

Our portfolio. This is an endorsement of what we are doing.”

The Nelson retail shop provides a ‘window into the world of bikes', says Ross, whereas the Richmond location is where people have the freedom to really test a product out and ensure it fits their purpose. “We encourage people to take a bike for a test ride out at the Richmond site, away from the hustle of the inner city. Out there they have the freedom to really test the bike without worrying about the stresses of traffic. By having the facility in Richmond, we can take away any anxieties around cycling through town. There are a range of bikes for sale and to test in Richmond. If a person is looking at one that isn't there, we will arrange to have it sent out to the site for riding.”

Coupled with that location, Rev Bikes have perfectly positioned themselves for an area of rapid development with the new Tasman subdivisions and the soon to be linked up path directly with the Great Taste Trail. “There is a path being developed which links up directly to the Great Taste Trail, just 20 metres from our doorstep, making it much easier for customers.”

The tightknit Rev Bikes team are the secret to the business's success, says Ross. “These guys are just a fantastic team. Combined, the two bike technicians have over 50 years of experience under their belts. Our product is one thing, but the people we have in the team and the service we provide are second to none.”

Creating an entity with an absolute focus on providing a customer experience, Rev Bikes are able to provide a prolonged and protruded duty to ensure the bike and the customer are perfectly suited. “Customers depend on us, and trust that we will ensure the bike meets their needs. That type of service is very, very important to us. We foster a friendly, respectful relationship with our customers. A lot of them entrust us with their purchases. An E-Bike is not a small sum of money, it is a considerable investment, and we understand that. Over fifty percent of our sales are from referrals, and we take pride in that fact.”

When a bike is purchased from Rev Bikes, it comes with a complete care pack including a multiple-factor traceability security system with unique identification codes. “You don’t just get a single piece of paper, you get a compendium, complete with a hand-signed thank you letter, a checklist, a manual, a registration sticker and a service booklet.”

Not only do Rev Bikes provide full workshop servicing and repair at their Richmond site, but they also have a showroom where you can check out their range of bikes, trikes, and accessories. “We also repair most makes, models, and brands of bikes. We do require you to book in your bike for service or repair, by calling us on 03 9700281 or pop in the next time you're passing on the Tasman's Great Taste Trail.


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